Elite Membership

A 12-month program offering next level mentorship with over-the-shoulder training and our ELITE Curriculum

The Elite membership offers next level mentorship within the SFM. Here you will receive access to exclusive live webinars with our Internet millionaire leaders  Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek who will share key marketing strategies to enable you to build your business in the most efficient and successful way possible. You will also benefit from 1 to 1 coaching from a dedicated coach who can take you through a more advanced set up in your business.  This is where you will learn how to maximize key marketing strategies to start making your business work for you whether using your own business idea or utilizing our affiliate program. 

Elite is priced at only $2,500 per year, and you must be a current active Basic member to apply. This price includes everything outlined above.

(To become a member, you must submit an application and be approved.)




 Don't wait any longer. Start creating your own path today! 

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